16 Track Digital Recording Studio
Good Samaritan United Methodist Church
Cupertino, California

Sound System Facts

Thank you for inquiring about our sound system.

The sound system used for the 1995 California-Nevada Annual Conference Mission Challenge Concert is made up primarily of borrowed equipment with some rental equipment. Equipment was loaned to the Annual Conference by: The Good Samaritan United Methodist Church (Sound of Celebration Studios and Good Sam Sound and Light), Gilroy United Methodist Church, Robert Brawn, Jim Strathdee, John Brawn, Tim Hanes, JoAnne Neish, and Guitar Showcase in San Jose. Guitar Showcase also provided rental equipment at substantially reduced cost.

The sound system is made up of:

The replacement cost of the sound equipment is over $35,700. It weighs over 2,200 lbs and arrived in five vans. If the annual conference had rented all of the equipment and paid a sound crew to set up and run the sound system for the concert, the bill would have been between $7,000 and $9,000.

Using as much borrowed equipment as possible to reduce rental costs, we are using some microphones which would not otherwise have been our first choice for the task. We are using the following types of microphones. Singing and spoken vocals: Shure SM- 58, LS14/839 wireless lavelier and LS24/58V wireless handheld and Audio Technica 1000 wireless lavelier; guitar, mandolin, snare drums: Shure SM- 57; choir: Audio Technica 853; horns: Sennheiser MD421U; piano: Crown PZM beta; bass drums: AKG D112; cymbals and toms: Shure SM- 81 and AKG C1000S; Congas and Percussion: AT 4033.

The mixer is a 32 channel, 8 bus Mackie. This is primarily a recording board, but it works very well in live sound reinforcement situations as well. (FYI: The new Mackie SR24- 4 is an excellent mixer in the $1500 range for church sound systems where music is important to the church's ministry.) The amplifiers are Peavey CS- 900, CS- 400s, CS- 200Xs, PMA- 250 and a Yamaha P2150.

The speakers include Yamaha 5115HTs (biamped at 800hz), EV SH15- 2s, Yamaha 4115s and Peavey SP- 5XTs. Monitors include Peavey 1545TIs, 1215s, 112TIs, 112Ms.

Outboard signal processing includes a Digitech GSP- 2101 digital signal processor, Lexicon Alex digital reverb and an Alesis 3630 compressor. Equalization is provided by dbx 1531s, Rane ME- 15 and Sundholm 2103 EQs. Equalization is set with a Goldline RTA- 30. Pre- recorded tracks were written to CD- ROM at Bill Hare's Astral Sounds recording studio and played back with a Tascam CD- 401 CD player. The concert is being recorded on a Sony D7 DAT recorder on a single 3 hour (90 meter) DAT tape. AKG K240 studio headphones are used at the console to listen to individual channels or individual monitor mixes.

The concert is not being mixed in left- right stereo, but we are using two main outputs from the mixer. The voices are all in one channel and the instruments are mixed in the other. Each channel is routed to seperate amplifier/speaker systems. This allows maximum vocal clarity even when the instrument signals are very complex. The stereo compressor is being used in dual- mono mode on these two mixer outputs. Four seperate monitor mixes are being split among the 12 monitor speakers. Each of the two main outs and four monitor outs are run through an equalizer to adjust for speaker and room characteristics and minimize feed back.

The sound crew is: Jeff Meyer, Ted and Chris Larson, Robert, Joy and John Brawn, Mike Kernaghan, and Tim Hanes. We are all members of the Good Samaritan United Methodist Church in Cupertino, California. This group, plus the other members of Good Sam who provide technical support for sound and theatrical lighting are called "Good Sam Sound and Light". Other volunteers who worked to collect, repair, build and test sound equipment for this concert include: Mel Brawn, Kraig Kaiser, Dave and Nancy Fries, Dave Resch, Roy Kroff and Seth.

Sound of Celebration Studios is a 16 track digital recording studio located at Good Sam and built in support of Good Sam's varied music ministries. For information about the studio, the equipment used for this concert or Good Sam Sound and Light, contact John Brawn at (408) 377- 2603 or jbrawn@corp.hp.com.

Guitar Showcase is a music store which specializes in pro sound equipment. It is owned by christians who are dedicated to providing reasonable prices and exellent service to musicians. Guitar Showcase, with locations in San Jose and Capitola, will always give additional discounts on sound equipment for church use. Ask for Pro Sound at (408) 377- 5864 and tell them you were refered by Good Sam Sound.

Thank you for your interest. We sincerely hope you enjoy the concert.

In Christ,

John Brawn

Director, Sound of Celebration Studios